Lead from the Library was borne out of a desire to help school librarians succeed.  An administrator’s words really hit home:

“I have been hearing librarians complain about the same thing for 30 years. If they’ve been worried about their relevance for that long, something is obviously not working.”

She was right.  If we truly want people to think we are indispensable, then that’s what we need to be.  Lead from the Library is designed to dig into what that really means.  Sometimes that means we have to give things up, take things on, or completely change the way that we think.

Later, though, the site became something else- something more inclusive.  Rather than tell, I decided I would show.  So this site has become more about being a leader than talking about being a leader.

About the Author


Kristina Weber, Ph.D. (c) has worked as a middle school English teacher, middle school librarian, and high school librarian since 2004.  She is passionate about the marriage of Educational Technology and the School Library.  In fact, her dissertation research was on the school librarian’s comfort level with using and teaching the multiple literacies (digital, visual, media, and information literacy).

Kristina is also an advocate for more choice and emphasis on independent reading at the secondary level – including high school.

Kristina speaks to small and large groups and coaches teachers individually about the transformational power of Ed Tech and the need for change in school libraries.  She lives in suburban Chicago with her husband and two sons.

Contact Kristina through twitter: @kristina_weber or by email: kristina@leadfromthelibrary.com.